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Keitech Sexy Impact 4.8" 8pk

Keitech Sexy Impact 4.8" 8pk

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The Keitech Sexy Impact was designed to duplicate the natural swimming action that triggers feeding. The life-like swimming action is enhanced by the perfectly tapered tale. The top section of the bait is made with a no salt, light weight plastic and the bottom is a heavy, salted plastic. This provides unmatched balance and action. The 3.8" Sexy Impact has quickly become the drop shot bait of choice. Bedding fish can’t stand Miss Sexy Texas rigged. Teaming the Sexy Impact with the Keitech Shaky Football head and dragging slowly on the bottom has produced Lunker size smallmouth.

Keitech Sexy Impact Features:

  • Ultimate lifelike action
  • Strong Squid scent
  • Custom Keitech 2-tone color and dual injection process
  • The 4.8’s Keitech Sexy Impact has 8 baits per blister pack


The finely tapered tail adds a dimension of finesse to this power fishing bait.

Sexy Impact is produced from dual injected, different weighted plastics that provide perfect balance and flash.

The Sexy Impact has perfectly centered hook slit to ensure correct rigging.

Rigging the Sexy Impact correctly is important, Follow the detailed rigging pictures.

The Dual Injection Process creates outstanding color variations and a natural swimming motion.

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