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Keitech Paddlin' Beaver 3.5" 7pk

Keitech Paddlin' Beaver 3.5" 7pk

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Every bait has its time and place, Keitech’s goal for the Paddlin’ Beaver was to provide a design that would be truly versatile. The Paddlin Beaver accomplishes that!

Thick Ribbed Paddle Tail

The thick ribbed paddle tail is the “Heart “of this offering. Its wide and heavy, It deflects quickly moving lots of water and flutters seductively during the free fall. It’s rear weighted center of gravity adds to the castability.

Unique Offset Tail Design

The unique offset tail provides both a vertical and horizontal action. This not only adds to the free-fall but increases movement when shaken on the bottom. Add the perfect plastic consistency and a strong dose of squid scent and you have a real winner!

Perfect Rigging Every Time

The head is designed to provide the perfect hook placement; the groove on the abdomen centers the hook at the optimum angle to align to the point guard feature.

Point Guard System

To improve fishability the point guard system was added to protect the hook point from debris, thus increasing presentations.

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