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Keitech Noisy Flapper Frog 3.5" 5pk

Keitech Noisy Flapper Frog 3.5" 5pk

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The Noisy Flapper Frog brings anglers enormous kicking momentum even at slow retrieve speeds. The patented leg design and the sharply ribbed edges furiously churns out a great amount of water and buzzing action. The top of the bait is constructed from high-buoyancy, unsalted plastic and the bottom is made of heavily salted plastic. Each bait is impregnated with a strong squid scent, making it extra attractive to any fish you seek. The hook slot on the flapper frog is the perfect rigging alignment for keeping the frog free of debris in heavy cover, as well as making it extra durable. The lightweight build allows for long casts even when you are using heavy equipment. Incredible action even at slow speeds is a key element for a higher success rate for anglers, and this bait delivers, due to the sleek design of the head and the body of the frog.

  • Effective flapper mechanism
  • Intense buzzing action at even slow speeds
  • Salted and squid scented
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