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Keitech Neco Camaron 5.5" 7pk

Keitech Neco Camaron 5.5" 7pk

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Revolutionary design mimics a Natural Craw!

The Neko Camaron was developed for success in the ultra-pressured water of Japan.

Using the Neko-rig technique the angler can duplicate the defensive posture of the crawfish. Following the cast, the Neco Camaron falls, activating the articulated claws to fluttering seductively. Once on the bottom, small rod tip movements cause the Neco Camaron to sway sideways and shake.

We used a special blend of plastics to enhance the action. Added the appropriate amount of salt and a strong dose of Keitech’s strong squid scent to complete the offering.

Three Dimensional Articulated Claws

The unique articulated three-dimensional claws add ultra-realism while providing an action new to the game.

Side Stabilization Fins

The side stabilization fins serve a dual purpose. They provide the perfect position to add an o-rig to attach the hook to. They also provide resistance which is converted into lateral pulling force. This enhances the action.

Rigging Instructions

It is highly recommended to use a 6mm O-ring which should be positioned between the side fins. 

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