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Keitech Mad Wag Slim 6" 8pk

Keitech Mad Wag Slim 6" 8pk

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The Mag Wag is now available in several new great configurations.  Each model employs  the (PGS) Point Guard System to ensure proper rigging and weed free use. Each size utilizes the Thick Bone Tail design which provides phenomenal swimming action. Strong Squid Infused plastic ensures predators hold on and don’t let go!

The 4.5”  6”  Slim Wags will soon become staples in your finesse arsenal. The subtle tail movements will draw strikes from even the most stubborn fish. Loaded with Salt & Strong Squid scent, these new offerings have the incredible Keitech swimming action is some great New colors…

Thick Bone Tail
The Tail design incorporates a thick beveled edge which is the secret to its swimming motion. Try swimming the 7” Mad Wag through shallow vegetation.

Point Guard System
The Mad Wag is extremely weed less, The Point Guard System (PGS) incorporates strategically placed slots to ensure perfect rigging. Rigged with a 3/16oz. pegged weight on a 3/0 offset hook, the Mad Wag 7” is an extremely interesting prospect. This combination provides the perfect configuration to ensure proper swimming action. The baits remaining perfectly straight due to the connecting rib which should be removed before using.

Recommended Hook Size

  • Slim 4.5" - #1 or 1/0 hook
  • Slim 6.5" - 2/0 offset hook
  • Original 7" - 3/0 offset hook
  • Long 8" - 3/0 offset hook
  • Long 11" - 4/0 offset hook
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