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Keitech Flapper Grub 4" 7pk

Keitech Flapper Grub 4" 7pk

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In the Mid-1990’s grub fishing exploded on to the bass fishing scene. It was an effective way to target Bass in the middle layer of the water column, a space now ruled by our Swimbaits.

The Flapper grub fills the need of the angler who enjoys “Chucking and Winding”. This simple method can be extremely effective.

We would like to recommend “Buzzing” the Flapper Grub on the surface using a No-Sinker rig.

Either way, this upgraded version of an old favorite will get the job done!

Engineered to swim correctly.

The cross section is designed around the V-core which acts to maintain a stable swim posture at any retrieve speed.

Hook Hold System

The Hook Hold system positions the hook at the optimum position and helps to prevent slippage. This keeps the Flapper Grub running true.

“Crank Guard” Head Design

The Crank guard improves performance by recessing the hook, providing rigidity and protection from debris.

Keitech’s Original Flapper Tail

Our famous Flapper Tail has been incorporated to the end of the Curly grub tail. This configuration provides exceptional action while moving lots of water.

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