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Keitech Easy Shaker 5.5" 10pk

Keitech Easy Shaker 5.5" 10pk

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Keitech is proud to announce the release of the Keitech Easy Shaker. The ringed body distorts the image to a more natural appearance while the high flotation plastic compound allows the Easy Shaker to maintain a horizontal position when rigged on the drop shot. Slight rod movements and bottom undulations create a shivering action that mimics a struggling bait fish. The Easy Shaker also excels on the Shaky head. The "New" 3.5" Easy Shaker is the ultimate Finesse drop shot bait and has excelled when NED rigged.

Keitech Easy Shaker Features:

  • Strong squid scent
  • Specific plastics densities for maintaining horizontal positioning/balance
  • Custom Keitech 2-tone color process
  • The 5.5-inch Keitech Easy Shaker has 10 baits per pack

DESIGN: The ringed body gives the Shaker worm a thick silhouette, while a thin core body, allows for more flexibly. The head section of the worm is designed a bit thicker to accept an offset worm hook, while rigging slits on the back and belly of the Shaker hide the hook point to keep it weedless.

HORIZONTAL POSITION: The special plastic compound allows the Easy Shaker to maintain a horizontal position, whether you're using a drop shot rig or an offset worm hook.

TRANSPARENCY: Our color lineup features the brightness and transparency unique to the Keitech product line.

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