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Two River Anglers

FISH, or DIE. Bait Company A-Jack 3" 4pk

FISH, or DIE. Bait Company A-Jack 3" 4pk

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Kept secret by many, there are countless reasons why our A-Jack is preferred by the North’s best smallmouth anglers. Spanning 3” in length, this finesse style bait not only comes with 3D eyes, but lifelike body structuring as well. Starting with it’s naturally bulbous head, our goby‘s stomach begins flattening out, to assist naturally gliding along the floor of any body of water. As the stomach remains suctioned to the bottom, it’s rear spine and tail are inverted, giving you endless options in retrieval speed, while always promising a good solid thumping action. When the Goby invasion came to the Great Lakes region in the 90’s, their rapid expansion showed just how relentless and tough they were, just as Ol’ Hickory showed the British in the War of 1812!


Techniques include: 

  • Ball Head Jig
  • Drop Shot
  • Ned Rig
  • Damiki Rig
  • Hover Rig

Quantity: 4 in a Pack

Size: 3”

Plastic Firmness: II/III (I-IV)

Stench: Napalm (Squid/Craw)

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